5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Paws in Good Condition

5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Paws in Good Condition

Taking good care of your pets’ paws is just as important as taking care of our own foot health, if not even more. Although their pads are tough and heavy duty, they are just as vulnerable as human feet and they play a massive role in the overall health of your pet.

Paws go through a lot everyday such as, treading over harsh surfaces, insulating from hot and cold surfaces and absorbing shock. So, grooming and maintaining them to stay healthy and strong is super important so they aren’t in pain.

Here are 5 tips to keep your pet’s paws in good condition:

  1. Trimming

Keeping the nails and the hair around the nails in shape is super important in maintaining healthy paws. If your dog’s paws are click clacking every time they walk, chances are their nails are to long. Your dog’s nails should barely skim the ground. If you are worried to trim the nails yourself, we recommend contacting a local grooming service to do it for you.

If you have a long-haired breed, hair in between the toes can often get matted if not trimmed regularly and can become quite painful. Comb out the hair and slightly trim it back. Again, if you don’t feel confident contact your groomer to do this for you.

  1. Watch for licking or Chewing

If you catch your dog constantly licking or chewing their paws, chances are it could be a sign that there is some sort of irritant there. If you know the cause, removing this is essential in ensuring your dog does not cause any further damage. If excessive licking occurs, your dog could be suffering from an allergic reaction to things such as, grasses, trees, dust, weeds etc. Using a cream such as the Derma Cream to reduce the itch will help ease these symptoms. If concerned, we recommend seeing your vet to get advice.

  1. Inspect Paw Pads

If you notice cracks on your dog’s paws this could be a sign that they are too dry. Although rough paws are healthy as they keep traction to the ground, cracks can be a sign that your dog’s paws are unhealthy. Using a specific paw balm moisturiser to soothe your dog’s paws will help reduce any dryness and make it more comfortable for them to walk.

  1. Summertime Paw Care

Did you know dogs’ paws can burn as well? Although their paws insulate heat, they too feel the heat just as much as us humans. To avoid potentially burning and blistering their paws, try avoiding walking on surfaces such as parking lots and sand and try avoiding walking during the peak temperature of the day. If you suspect your dog’s paws are burnt or blistered, gently apply a paw cream such as the Derma cream to their paws and loosely wrap with gauze.

  1. Wintertime Paw Care

If you are situated in colder climates, excessive exposure to cold weather can dry out the paws causing them to potentially crack and become chapped. Moisturise frequently with a specific paw moisturiser to avoid any bleeding or pain caused by the cracks. It is also important to note that salt is used to melt ice on the streets, which can be quite harmful to your dog’s health. Make sure to thoroughly wash their paws after a walk to avoid ingesting any salt.