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Benefits of the Lickimat!

Benefits of the Lickimat

Within the last few years, we have seen a rise in the sale and purchase of the Lickimat. But why have they risen so quickly in popularity? Despite their simple appearance, Lickmats have many beneficial qualities that seek to improve your dog's health. 

So what are the benefits of a Lickimat? 

There are many benefits of a Lickimat, most notably its unique ability to reduce anxiety and boredom in pets. Other benefits include the promotion of fresh breath, and the slowing down of eating (this helps to reduce bloating symptoms). It also stimulates saliva, which helps to promote digestion. The licking action also redirects those behaviours that could be negative, like the excess licking of the paws which can lead to further health issues. 

How does the Lickimat reduce anxiety? 

Now you might be thinking how does a product like this reduce anxiety? Well, it is actually quite simple, the repetitive licking action releases endorphins, which help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Now, what are endorphins? Endorphins are chemicals that are released as the brain responds to different stimuli, most notably pain and pleasure. The licking action is pleasurable to dogs so endorphins will be released.Endorphins are the body's natural pain killers, they are able to generate a feeling of general well being. Think about it like a runner's high, after we exercise we often get a euphoric feeling, this is the endorphins being released. These positive feelings alleviate the feelings of anxiety in your dog. 

Did you know endorphins also help to reduce inflammation? 

Endorphins have been proven to reduce inflammation in the body. Reducing inflammation is especially important in dogs with skin issues, as it can be a large contributing factor to the severity of these issues

Why it is important to promote slow eating? 

The groves and bumps that the Lickimat has, provide a challenge for the dog to get to the food. The slower that a pet will eat the less likely they are to be bloated.  The slower your dog eats the better it is for their digestion. Slow eating also provides a distraction. Boredom can be a big issue when it comes to dogs. The Lickimat is able to help combat boredom as it keeps them distracted for longer. The Lickimat also provides entertainment for your dog and also serves as a brain teaser. The more the dog licks the more endorphins are released, and they are more likely to be happier. 

Redirection of bad habits 

The Lickimat also promotes the redirection of licking habits. Many dogs when they are bored will lick at their paws, as the licking action releases endorphins. This is not a bad thing but excess licking, can cause irritation to the skin and this can lead to more severe issues like hotspots. The Lickimat is a redirection of this licking habit into something positive. 

You can add all different types of food to your Lickimat, depending on the style. We recommend Greek yogurt and our Gut + Immunity Supplement added to the Soother Lickimat as it is a great way to ensure your dog is getting key probiotics. This is a great distraction for your dogs when trying to apply the Derma cream or Hotspot gel.