natural pet care for itchy pets

Natural Baths for your Pet

Using natural shampoo for your pets’ bath has always been a fan favorite because regardless if they have sensitive skin or not, harsh chemicals are never good for your pets coat. Caring and protecting your pets’ skin should be at the forefront of pet care and that is why it is better to transition to natural pet care now rather than later.

Most of the pet grooming products on the market contain harmful synthetic fragrances and sulphates that can cause irritation and further scratching to your pets’ skin. This irritation can cause skin conditions like dermatitis (YES, pets can get dermatitis), allergies, redness, and irritated skin. Adding natural, cruelty-free and safe grooming products to your pet’s care routine can improve their overall skin well-being.

Pet Drs have invested time and energy into sourcing only the finest natural ingredients for your pets’ skin! We have made our products totally lickable as we all know dogs and cats and pretty much lick over 80% of their body!

What ingredients do we avoid?

  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) is a detergent that is a common ingredient in wash and body wash products. It is the cause of the foaming reaction that occurs in wash products. However great the foaming sensation is, this ingredient can cause skin dryness and irritation!
  • Colourings and dyes are left out of our products as they are a common cause for serious health problems. Any brightly coloured liquid means there is chemicals present!
  • Perfumes or fragrances are lovely to smell however are harmful to your pets’ coat. Most fragrances are derived from synthetic chemicals and are often linked to allergies in pets.
  • Parabens are one of the least expensive ingredients that manufacturers can add to a product and are often used as a preservative. Silicon will create a synthetic coating on your pets coat leaving their coat with a slippery feeling, leading you to think their fur is moisturised and will often look “oily and unclean”

Reading the ingredient list of your pets shampoo and creams can help prevent potential skin flare ups and irritations. Ensuring the product states a coat proof pH level is maintained will ensure your pets coat is protected!