Paw Care 101

Paw Care 101

Paw Care for Seasonal Changes.

As we move through the seasons, your pet’s skin will start to change and adjust to the weather. Some may find that their pets suffer more with skin issues in the summer as the humidity and heat can be trapped beneath fur trigger skin. Whereas the cold can be triggering for others' skin as it can be drying and cause irritation. 

Dryness is often found on the paws of pets skin during these colder months. They can easily become dry and cracked for a number of different reasons. During the colder months the air is colder and dryer.  The dry air can contribute to cracked paws. 

Another contributing factor to dry paws is excess licking. This can be associated with the colder weather. Like with humans when we lick our lips multiple times, they will dry out. It's important that during these colder months that we keep our pets paw nice and moisturised. 

There are many other things that will contribute to dry, cracked paws. These can include but are not limited to 

  • Certain floor cleaners
  • General wear and tear of the paws (This is things like rough surfaces like roads. 
  • Dry air 
  • Excessive Licking and biting
  • Allergies. 

These irritants can cause those dry cracked paws. And when a pet's paws are dry and cracked they are more likely to lick and scratch at them as these dry paws can be very irritating to your pet. 

There are a few things you can do to help with your pets dry and cracked paws, including determining if your pet has any allergies, this can be both internal and external allergies. Other things to consider when it comes to dry and cracked paws is your pets internal health. Internal health is a major contributing factor when it comes to pet health, especially to skin related issues like cracked paws. Monitoring for excess licking and biting of the paws canbe an indicator that your pets paws are dry and or cracked as when they are like this they can be very irritating to your pet. 

Another way to help combat these dry and cracked paws during the winter months is to use a paw balm. The Pet Drs Paw Balm, is a natural paw balm designed to help those dry cracked paws. It moisturises the paws and helps to repair the cracks. Repairing the gut is also important and for that we recommend the Pet Drs Gut Repair Pack,, with Mega Oil and Gut + Immunity Supplement. You can read all about the importance of Gut health here.