Pets and Supplements

Pets and Supplements

It has been a common theory that having a pet is good for the health of humans – however have you as a pet owner thought about how your pets inner health has the ability to impact their overall health?

As responsible pet owners – we are taught to de-worm, vaccinate and de-flea our pets, but is there more we can do to ensure their inner health is level and helping them be the best pet they can? Pet Drs take a deeper look into how supplements can enhance the lifestyle of your pet and give our top tips for choosing a pet care supplement.

With the population of aging, overweight and the general market for pet supplements growing – it is no surprise that pet care supplements have boomed as a industry with nearly one third of pet owners being supplements for their pets. Supplements could enhance your pet’s joints, mobility, skin and digestion. But the ultimate question pet owners ask is Does my pet need these supplements.

Each pet is difference with different needs from food to vitamins and many pets already receive a complete balanced diet. However, adding a supplement to your pets’ daily food may enhance their quality of life even more specifically if the supplement aims to improve minor upsets such as itchy skin, uneasy digestion, or minor joint pain.

When choosing a supplement for your pet, start by understanding what needs you are wanting to improve that your pet might have. The second element to consider is how is the supplement manufactured as you will be wanting to choose a supplement that has evidence behind the claim it is making! This ensures that your pet is receiving the highest quality supplement to add to their diet. The third element when choosing a pet supplement is try and choose a pet care brand that specializes in a specific area and is inline with the supplement of your choice.

Our final piece of advice is to consult your pets healthcare professional to gather further advice into what supplements will specifically help your pet.   


Skin and Coat Health Supplements

If you notice that your pet is constantly scratching their fur even after a bath it is highly likely they suffer from dermatitis! Now you may be thinking – dermatitis is for humans but unfortunately sensitive or irritable skin (formally known as dermatitis) can be found in animals as well!

To help combat your pets sensitive skin, investing in a high quality sensitive skin shampoo that is hypoallergenic and soap free, while being pH balanced for pets is essential. Adding a supplement to their daily diet can help improve their sensitive coat from the inside! Adding Pet Drs Mega Oil to your pets diet will help improve their skin through the essential fatty acids that are present within the oil! Pet Drs Mega Oil contains Omega, 3,6 and 9 fatty acids that are known to improve pets coat and skin health!

Pets Loving the Mega Oil


“We are loving your MegaOil! We use that daily on pups food and she is always more excited to eat it now!” – Juniper

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