Does Your Dog Have Sensitive Skin?

Does Your Dog Have Sensitive Skin?

Does Your Dog Have Sensitive Skin?

Many dogs scratch and itch at their skin. The majority of the time a slight itch and scratching at the skin can be normal and perfectly healthy however, occasionally it can be an indicator of sensitive skin and skin allergies. 

Sensitive skin is not something that is often associated with dogs. Many people often, don't think about dogs' skin as they often have so much fur. However, many dogs suffer from sensitive skin, often stemming from allergies. 

There are many reasons that dogs may suffer from sensitive skin. The main one would be allergies. Common allergies in dogs that are likely to cause skin irritations can be airborne and/ or food-based. Common food allergies include:

  • Fish 
  • proteins in meats 
  • corn-based gluten products

Common airborne allergies include 

  • Grasses 
  • Certain Floor cleaner
  • Parasites 
  • Seasonal (usually dry weather and the cold during winter months). 

Sensitive skin and allergies can also be genetic predispositions. This can include things like atopic dermatitis and alopecia. 

Common symptoms of allergies and/ or sensitive skin that many dogs may present with that may indicate a skin issue include: 

  • Excess scratching and licking of the skin 
  • Hair loss 
  • Dry, flaky skin

The key to helping your dog with their sensitive skin and allergies is determining the underlying cause. Allergies and Diet can often play a large role in the condition of your dogs' skin. Diet can be observed easily at home through an elimination diet. 

Many shampoos aren't designed for dogs and the Ph balance of their skin. Human shampoos can often cause allergic reaction reactions in dogs. Realistically dogs should only be bathed about once a month. Of course, this can depend on the breed of the dog, long hair vs short etc. 

Always contact your veterinary professional if you think your dog may have any allergies.