A dog poses with mega oil used for gut repair and anti inflammatory properties

The Gut and Skin- What connects them?

Our pets are just as important to keep healthy as we are, and it comes from the inside out. Gut health is something that is often overlooked when it comes to keeping our pets healthy. Good Gut health can help many different aspects of health, like immunity and healthy skin. One of the main reasons a healthy gut can be key to good skin and fur in animals is the improvement in immunity that a healthy gut provides. When the gut is balanced the immune system is less focused on working to repair any imbalances in the gut it is able to focus outwards. 

So what is the gut and what does it even do?

Just like us dogs and cats have a gastrointestinal tract which includes the esophagus, stomach, and intestines. Otherwise known as the Gut. The Gut is responsible for absorbing nutrients that come from food. In order to do this,  the gut needs bacteria in order to process the food and nutrients. When the gut is healthy the body is able to absorb as much of the nutrients as it can, it then uses this nutrients to keep the body healthy. 

The gut microbiome is able to produce various metabolites that influence the health of other key organs. This includes the intestine, Kidney, Brain and Heart. This microbiome influences the health of our animals through the immune system assisting it, for it to perform at its best. 

Understanding the connection. 

When the body is able to absorb nutrients correctly and efficiently it is able to focus less on gaining nutrients and more on using nutrients. When the body is able to harness the nutrients the immune system can do its job.  This is where the connection between the gut and the skin is formed . With the body's stronger immune system and higher nutrients,  it's able to repair damage to other areas of the body, like the skin. The skin is one of the most resilient organs. It is able to overcome and repair itself. Sometimes it just needs a little extra assistance.

Using Supplements to assist in repairing the gut. 

With anything we would like to be able to repair these things naturally, but sometimes a little help is needed. Using supplements makes things seem daunting sometimes, but I promise you it is not. Using natural ingredients to assist in repair is both simple and effective. 

MEGA Oil, what is it? and what does it do? 

MEGA oil is a combination of Omega 3 which has been shown to reduce inflammation of the skin, as well as omega 6 oil, omega 9 oil, and essential fatty acids.  These ingredients with a combination of other naturally sourced ingredients help to reduce inflammation inside the gut. When the inflammation is reduced from inside the gut, dry, itchy, and flaky skin can also be improved. Our Specific formula targets coats, skin, joints, digestion as well as heart and brain support and helps improve and maintain general health and vitality in pets. 

Gut + Immunity Supplement 

The Gut + Immunity supplement works in conjunction with the MEGA oil to improve the immune system through the gut. This supplement uses Glutamine, Vitamin C, Magnesium, as well as other key vitamins and minerals to optimise the intestinal health which in turn supports a healthy immune system. With a Healthy immune system comes healthy skin and fur is our pets.