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Why a Natural Shampoo is Better for your Pet?

Have you ever thought as to why we as humans use natural products on our body? To protect our skin and improve our overall health, right? The same goes for our furry friends!

You pets skin and coat are just as important if not more when it comes to grooming. Because their skin is much thinner than humans, we have to protect it with extra care to avoid any unnecessary rashes or irritations.


Protects the Skin and Coat!

Chemical based shampoos contain nasty chemicals and fragrances that actually stripe and harm the natural oils on your dog’s skin and coat. Leaving it irritated and itchy.

When choosing a natural shampoo, you avoid these chemicals and replace it with naturally sourced ingredients which hydrate and soothe your pets’ skin and fur.

 Natural Dog shampoo that removes dirt while restoring the coat

Does more than just Clean!

Unlike most chemical based shampoos that contain synthetic fragrances, natural pet shampoos usually contain ingredients that benefit the skin in some way. For example, coconut oil and manuka honey are common ingredients found within natural shampoos, which not only soothes and soften their skin and coat, but actually contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that protect and heal against any irritations or rashes on the skin, which are often hidden by a thick coat!

Dog Shampoo with natural ingredients

Maintains the correct pH level.

Did you know that a dog’s pH is 7.5 compared to a humans’ 5.5? What does this mean? This means that humans’ skin is much more acidic compared to your pets’ neutral skin. By simply using your own shampoo or one that doesn’t claim it has the right pH level can actually damage the thin skin layers on a dog, leading to irritation, itching, sores or infections.

Natural Pet Shampoo


All in all, choosing a natural pet shampoo has a lot of great benefits to your pet’s overall health that will keep them away from a series of health issues, especially in the long term. Make sure to read the labels and research thoroughly to ensure your pet will stay healthy and happy!