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Ruffin' it!

Did you know that itchy, irritated skin is more common than you think on animals? That is why we formulated the Natural Derma Cream and the Natural Hotspot Gel to help aid with the common symptoms of atopic dermatitis and hotspots. Both products work to reduce the itch, inflammation and redness from the skin and with powerful natural antibacterial ingredients they work to kill bacteria off the skin.
Pet Drs Derma Cream
$21.95 AUD
Therapeutic Fur-Favourite Pack
from $49.95 AUD
Pet Drs Mega Oil
from $23.95 AUD
Pet Drs HotSpot Gel
$18.95 AUD
Ditch The Itch Pack
from $61.95 AUD $75.80 AUD
Gut Repair Pack
from $49.95 AUD $59.95 AUD
Pet Drs Gift Card
from $10.00 AUD