Our Mission

We are committed to helping pets live their healthiest and happiest lives through a holistic approach to pet care.

Our innovative and science-based approach focuses on addressing the root causes of these common pet issues, providing safe and effective solutions for pets of all ages and sizes.

Our Story

Pet Drs was initially created off the back of a global skincare brand - Grahams Natural, which treats human skin conditions like eczema & psoriasis.

As time went on, it became evident that not only were customers experiencing skin irritations, but so were their pets! Some even went to the extent of using the Grahams Natural range on their itchy pets... and it worked!

That's where the idea of Pet Drs was born.

Since then, we have evolved the range to encompass a holistic approach to pet health by focusing on all aspects of health, including gut health and diet.

We understand that healing itchy skin isn't a one product fits all. By providing our customers with education and resources, we are helping pet parents heal their pets holistically.

Kirra's love for natural pet care has evolved over the years, which has led her to further her study in animal nutrition. Combining natural pet care to the science behind it all!

Our Values

  • Compassionate Care

    We prioritise empathy and compassion in our approach, recognising that the emotional and physical health of pets is interconnected. Our services and information reflect our dedication to providing holistic care.

  • Trust & Transparency

    Pet Drs is built on a foundation of trust and transparency, ensuring open communication with pet parents and fostering a relationship based on honesty and integrity.

  • Pet Health Advocacy

    We are committed to advocating for the wellbeing of pets by promoting awareness and providing information that empowers pet parents to make informed and health-conscious decisions.

Louis A.K.A Head DOGtor