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Lamb Liver 150g

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Pet Drs Lamb Liver treats are a highly nutritious and delicious treat for all dogs to enjoy! They contain amazing vitamins and minerals that help to protect and support your pet’s digestion, immune system and mental health and wellbeing.


Training dog treats

Delicious & nutritious

Rich in vitamin A, B & essential fatty acids


Pet Drs Lamb Liver treats are sourced from 100% Australian lamb that contains no chemicals, preservatives or additives. They are perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Boasting an abundance of vitamins A, B, essential fatty acids and minerals, Lamb Liver is an exceptionally nutrient-dense food. Its contents additionally facilitates detoxification and promotes healthy vision.

The thinness makes them ideal for training rewards, while providing your pet with the nutritional benefits that Lamb Liver has to offer.


100% Lamb Liver

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Lamb.

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!


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Lamb Liver 150g
Lamb Liver 150g
Lamb Liver 150g
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Single Protein
Certified Delicious
Australian Made

  • Packed With Nutrients

    Guilt-free treats that are certified delicious and good for the gut

  • Single Protein

    100% single protein treats, nothing else! No fillers or preservatives.

  • Perfect For Training

    Easily break up treats to make training more delicious & nutritious!

Customer Reviews

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Another favourite for my fur baby she loves the beef, lamb and goat liver treatos

Tammy K.
do you want a treat

My staffy Bella loves these treats. She gets so excited when I ask her if she wants a treat and runs straight to where they are then starts dancing until I give her some. (this is the same with your other flavors as well ) Thank you