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Shampoouch Pack

Color: Green
paw print Description

Our Shampoouch pack contains our Natural ShamPOO and shampoo washing brush that allows for easy shampoo distribution.

This pack provides a natural and quick all-round thorough washing of your pet that will leave their coat looking shiny, fresh, and without any irritation.

The Shampooch pack also provides your pet with an effective and gentle massage when bathing, it will also improve blood circulation, giving your dog or cat a very enjoyable bath. It also provides the added convenience of shedding and cleaning pet hair. 

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paw print Key Benefits
  • Leaves the coat looking, smelling, and feeling good, without drying the skin.
  • Pet Drs use pH-balanced natural ingredients of Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, and  Vitamin E that will not irritate your best friends’ sensitive skin.
  • Cleans, conditions, and moisturises the skin and coat. Can be used weekly or more frequently as required
  • Promotes blood circulation 
paw print Directions for use

Pour your Pet Drs shampoo onto the brush, or directly to your pets fur, and wash thoroughly.


Customer Reviews

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lorraine d.

We really liked using the brush and shampoo a lot including the perfume it gave and our Cavoodle liked it being used too. 😁 great delivery service including packaging etc. the company gives a caring feel about the whole operation.