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    Pet Lick Mat w Suction


    Pet Drs multipurpose Lick Mat is the perfect food accessory for your pet!

    Designed to distract anxious, bored, or hyperactive pets during bath time, grooming, or other stressful activities.

    Made with high-quality silica gel so it is both safe and sturdy for your pets!

    The Lick Mat is especially great for bath time as it contains strong suction cups that can stick to any surface and is waterproof.

    Benefits of using Pet Drs Lick Mat

    Reduces anxiety and boredom

    The licking action is a very pleasurable experience for your pet which is why the Lick Mat can help calm and soothe your pet in stressful situations. As your pet enjoys their favourite treat, it helps to release certain endorphins, the happiness hormone, that calms and soothes your pet and works as a great distraction! Perfect for stressful times such as when you leave home, bath & grooming time, fireworks, or thunderstorms. 

    Supports oral health

    The design of the lick mat provides a great dental clean for your pet! It helps by scraping the tongue by removing particles and bacteria as well as promoting saliva production which helps keep gums and teeth healthy!

    What is the best food to spread on a Lick Mat?

    • Wet food
    • Peanut butter
    • Yogurt
    • Minced meat
    • Pureed vegetables (pumpkin, carrots)

    As a tip, you can spread on some yogurt or peanut butter and freeze for a longer lick and longer boredom buster! 


    • Non-toxic food grade material
    • Easy to clean and hand washable 
    • Freezer friendly 
    • Size: 15cm-15cm round

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