Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Your Pet

Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Your Pet

Our pet’s are truly a part of the family, and Christmas is no exception! There are so many fun ways to involve your pet in the day’s festivities that still benefit their overall health! 

Many Christmas themed dog Christmas presents revolve around treats that are either rawhide, dyed Christmas colours or full of salt, sugar, preservatives and additives that leave your dog feeling sick and setting them back on their health journey. So here are some gift ideas to stuff our Personalised Pet Stockings with this Christmas! 

Healthy Treats

This Christmas avoid the crappy supermarket and kmart treats! Your dog may like them, but it’s not worth it even for one day, they’ll love these healthier alternatives just as much! 


Bell and Bone Dental Treats 

These are the best dental treats on the market in Australia right now, filled with good ingredients and ingredients that actually help teeth health! These are a great stocking stuffer because not only will your dog love the taste, they’ll also be doing some good! 


Pet Drs Natural Dog Treats 

Our range of natural dog treats are so good as stocking stuffers, or gifts for your family and friends, furry friends too! We have a flavour to suit everyone, even with a range of novel proteins so those allergy prone pups can enjoy a treat on Christmas too! Our treats are all 100% single protein containing absolutely no preservatives or additives making them the healthiest treat for your pet this Christmas! 

Enrichment Puzzles 

Enrichment puzzles are such a great stocking stuffer because they are the gift that keeps on giving! Every dog needs some sort of enrichment routine to keep their mind activity and their nervous system regulated. By buying a puzzle or a lick mat you can use it all year round and your pet will love it! 


A cute Christmas themed toy is always a good idea! You can find these everywhere at the moment, so shop around at your local pet stores, and department stores to find something that suits your pet’s chewing and play habits. 



Who doesn’t love a cute Christmas bow tie or bandana, or just any piece of doggy clothing, they are just too cute! Whether you choose a cute outfit for the festivities, or just something they can wear all year round this is a great little stocking stuffer! Our Dog Robes are great for the Aussie Christmas, whether you’ll be going for a beach swim, or hanging by the pool this is a must to keep the sand, grass and water from getting everywhere. An absolute must for a summer Christmas! 


Adding stocking stuffers that will better your dog’s life is the best way to go this Christmas! All they want is to be with you, and have you look after them and love them, so healthy and enriching choices this Christmas is your best bet!