Pet Drs
A Natural Solution

The team behind Pet Drs have over 20 years experience in creating natural products.
They first started formulating therapeutic skincare for humans through Grahams Natural.

As time went on, it became evident that not only were customers experiencing skin irritations, but so were their pets! Some even went to the extent of using the Grahams Natural range on their itchy pets... and it worked!
They started to see amazing results and relief for their dogs.

That's where the idea of Pet Drs was born.

With the expertise of Grahams Natural, it was decided to develop a carefully formulated natural range
of skin and fur care for pets.

Approved By Australian Vets

All of our products have been approved by veterinarians.  

Our supplements were also developed alongside a naturopath, so you can rest assured that your dog
is receiving the best formulations possible.

Meet Dr Suzie!

Dr Suzie Kruse is our local vet ambassador!
She regularly helps and educates the team, meaning if we don't know the answer, she will!
With her help, Pet Drs is constantly in the process of developing
new and improved products to support your pet's health.

Our First Treatments 

As all businesses do, we began with a smaller line of products to start.

These products were:

Derma Cream
This product was specifically formulated with itchy and flaky skin in mind. 
It has a number of antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties, which may assist in
providing relief for atopic dermatitis, itchy paws and general dry and red skin.

Hot Spot Gel -
The Hot Spot Gel differs from the Derma Cream as it is formulated to soothe, cool & repair
weeping skin caused from hot spots and excessive licking/itching. 

ShamPoo -
ShamPoo was developed with itchy dogs in mind. Unlike most other store bought pet shampoos, 
this one ditched the chemicals for natural ingredients, to help provide relief for dogs
with itchy and irritated skin.
Plus it smells like a tropical island with its natural coconut scent!

Mega Oil -
This oil contains a complete balance of omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids to assist in
the maintenance of a healthy coat and skin. Specifically ideal  for pets with dull brittle coats, dry flaky skin, environmental allergies and digestive issues. 

Our Products Now

Our four core products will always be crowd pleasers, however we've now had the time and
research to be able to develop a number of other products to expand our pet care range.
We now offer a range of solutions for a variety of pet issues.

High Quality Ingredients

Our pet supplements and products are formulated with quality ingredients, backed by scientific research. 
All ingredients included in each product are specifically chosen and formulated at the correct inclusion levels. 

All of our ingredients our Australia made and sourced so you know you are supporting local!

Veterinary Grade & Fridge Free Probiotics

Whether it be hip issues, gut issues or just general anxiousness, we have a natural supplement for your pet.

All of the supplements include targeted ingredients to cater to each condition, with added vitamins, mineral and pre/probiotics for general wellbeing.
Our pre and probiotics are manufactured in Australia by a GMP/TGA certified facility. 
This ensures the stability of the ingredients to the end of the product's shelf life.

See here some of our targeted supplements:

Hip + Joint Supplement -
This 'beef' flavoured supplement helps to optimise, maintain, strengthen and support healthy
hip & joint mobility. 

Gut & Immunity Supplement -
This supplement is formulated to help optimise intestinal health and support a healthy immune system.
Gut + Immunity assists in repairing, healing, and maintaining your pet’s overall gut health. 

Stress & Anxiety Supplement -
This 'chicken' flavoured blend is ideal for anxious and stressed pets.
It may assist in reducing and calming anxious or stress behaviours when supplemented daily. 
This naturally formulated, plant based powder helps to support a healthy nervous system.

Novel Protein Treats

We can't forget about a dog's most favourite thing in the world, aside from you of course... treats!

Here at Pet Drs, we specialise in single protein treats
(meaning we use only one ingredient and avoid the nasty fillers).
Many of our treats are also 'novel protein treats'. 

What is a NPT you ask?

Well, a NPT is a treat which contains only one protein source from a less mainstream animal than
what your dog may typically eat. For example, kangaroo, goat, or rabbit, to name a few!
We incorporated Novel Proteins into our range to provide dogs that struggle with
sensitivities an alternative to common mainstream treats.
Most novel protein foods are hypoallergenic and therefore cannot irritate the skin!

Before & Afters

Our first before and after came from our own dog, Louis. He's a Weimaraner and before Pet Drs, he was a notorious paw licker. After being the 'guinea pig' for our products, we instantly knew we'd formulated the perfect cream when his red and raw paws transformed!

Since then, we have received many more transformation photos from other pet owners
who have experienced amazing results.

Check them out here!

Well that's a brief run down of our story!

If you want to know anything more about our products or have a question about your pet,
feel free to reach out to us anytime at