Before & Afters

Jessica O

Results after 6 months.

"Wow! I am so amazed. The products have worked so well!"


Results after 1 week.

"These are the best products we have ever used!"

Morgan B

Results after one application.

"One use of hot spot and this is the difference! Thank you!"


Results after 4 days.

"This product is amazing! Couldn't believe the results"

Taya H

Results after 3 days.

"I am so thankful to have found Pet Drs. We love that it's natural too!


Results after 3 weeks.

"Dramatically improved my dog's skin. The irritations have disappeared!


Results after 2 weeks.

"My dog's amazing results after just two weeks of using Pet Drs."


Results after one application.

"We applied the gel once and the results were instant!


Results after 1 month.

"This is seriously a miracle. I recommend these products to everyone!"

Kirrah T

Results after one application

"My dog often gets paw irritations-1 application of hot spot...almost gone!"


Results after 5 days.

"Love using this product on my dog's sore spots. Clears it right up!"

Maddi P

Results after 1 week.

"So happy with the results! No more licking at the paws"


Results after 3 weeks.

"Since using the gut + immunity & the mega oil my pups skin has never been better!"


Results after 2 weeks.

"My frenchies paws cleared up so fast! So happy with the results"


Results after 2 months.

"Thank you so much for the products. Maggie has improved a lot."