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Mega Oil
Kathy O.
Awesome product

Take regularly to boost my intake of omega and as an added benefit my skin is not as dry.Have also got used to the taste now👍

Rosacea Cream
Rosina C.

Only just using cream, to early to comment, but it seems to be ok at the moment

Psoriasis Cream

This product works better than any prescription I have used
I just don’t feel I am getting as good a result as some of the photos you post
My arms still look red

Baby Eczema Body and Bath
Christopher E.
Turning point for my daughter

Battled eczema on my 3.5 year old for over a year, once this product was found it’s been a godsend. She loves that it doesn’t “sting” like some other products we’ve tried and she keeps a bottle with her near her bed, in the car, everywhere.

Psoriasis Cream
Katie G.

Although it didn’t clear my elbows up completely, it has made such a big difference!!

Hi Katie, thank you so much for your progress report. Some conditions do need a bit more time to heal but we are glad it has made a big difference so far! :)

Love it

I use to get dry extremely flaky, itchy skin on my face especially around my hair line and eyelids. Since I've started using this product last year I have not had a single bit of dry skin. I was worried I would get pimples on my more oily parts but not a single pimple. Great moisturiser. Highly recommended.

Thank you so much for your lovely review Katrina!

Pet Drs Mega Oil
Bethanie B.

I have only just started using this product, so I cant speak much on the results, although I have no doubts that it it is a good product. Although I found that my bottle leaked and I lost about have the product. I think a pump top lid would be more efficient as when I would use it I found it would dribble down the side and cause a mess. Nonetheless Im so glad this is an aussie product and will definetly be buying from them again.

Pet Drs Mega Oil
Katrina K.
Mega Oil + Gut and Immunity

What an amazing Company to have found. Thank you to the Pet Drs; for providing wonderful products for our best furrends health. My doggies on these 2 wonderful products combined have no more skin irritation, their coats are so shiny and healthy and it has provided them with excellent digestive health too. The mega oil is an excellent alternative to fish oil too as my pups are allergic to fish. The stress and anxiety supplement has also been brilliant for my little senior dog and I've noticed a huge improvement. Excellent products definitely resulting in both happy and healthy pups and I'm so extremely pleased to have found them and I know my dear doggies are too! 😊🐾

Baby Therapeutic Pack
Adrianna A.
Love it

Bought it for nephew wasn’t sure if it was gonna work for him since he was prescribed different ointments and lotions and nothing was really working. But this product had really great reviews and I can truly say i I was amazed at the results, and so was my sister. We the love the all natural. My sister even decided to purchase more. I would definitely recommend, everyone’s skin is different but I would definitely give it a try it might work for you.

Hi Adrianna,
You are an awesome Aunty!! Thank you for trying and trusting our baby eczema products on your nephew. We are very happy to hear he has had such great results when nothing else was working! Please pass on to your sister 'thank you' for giving our brand a go :)

Gut Repair Pack

I just wanted to say that I cannot thank you enough for these amazing products. I have a 4 year old Frenchie who suffers from allergies and I have spend hundreds of dollars and not to mention the vet bills for his crease folds. Everything I have tried makes his face worse. I have been using the creame on his skin and giving him all the supplements along with the omega oil and his skin is looking amazing I’m so shocked. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much

Best cream ever

I have been using the face wash and cream for a while now and almost forget I have rosacea. When I put on the cream it is like putting on a soft pair of slippers at the end of the day. If feels so "soft" and non greasy. I have to be careful not to become complacent and skip my daily routine.

Hi Linda,
Thank you so much for your wonderful review. We are so happy to hear about your great results! You are right and consistency is the key, especially with a condition like Rosacea! :)

Psoriasis Cream
Dianne V.
Amazing product!!!!

This has been my saving grace! Since being diagnosed with psoriasis, the doctors wanted me on injectible medication right away and that is just something i am not ready for. And i also refused to be prolonged topical steriod use. Thank god for you guys and your product! I can finally wear shorts again!!!!

Hi Dianne, thank you so much for sharing your experience with your psoriasis and your personal results using our psoriasis cream! That makes us so happy to hear! :)

Buy it!!!

My baby girl had bad eczema on her cheeks and a few patches on her arms. I started switching products out left and right and nothing took it away. So I finally said why not and placed my order (which btw shipped pretty fast to California) and I even scanned the products with an app called Yuka to make sure it was clean before putting on the baby and not just a overhyped social media add lol and it was 100/100!! I was so excited, happy and relieved!! Long story short my baby girl is better and her skin is clear! I still continue to use the products and look forward to getting myself some because it works and it’s CLEAN!! (Before and after pics)

Hi Armani, Thank you so much for your amazing review and before/after pictures' of your gorgeous little girl. We are so please see her skin glowing and eczema free! :)


I have a golden Who is prone to hotspots and itchy skin from allergies. I’ve tried all vet products under the sun that only helped for a short period until I had to pay a lot of $$$ for more of it. and then found Pet Drs this ditch the itch kit is just what we needed, the creams along with the oil to help their skin is incredible and I saw results within a week! Very satisfied with the products and my Chancey is definitely a happier Doggo after trying this pack. I’d highly recommend if your dog has any sort of allergies, itchies or hotspots, also save your money from expensive vet trips and medication!

Does the Job

Winter is an awful time for my skin no matter how much I moisturize. This is the only product that got rid of my dry itchy skin and red inflamed patches that got worst because I scratch it. It’s actually much cheaper than the prescription steroid oil. And not all insurance cover it. I’m just so happy I found this product

Hi Elsa, Thank you so much for your review! We are so happy that you found our products! :)

Rosacea pack

I have tried so many expensive cleaners and moisturizers to calm and treat my rosacea and finally I have found something that actually works.
The cleanser has taken all of the redness away and the moisturizer doesn’t clog my skin. Fantastic products!

Hi Therese, thank you for taking the time to tell us about your rosacea journey! WE are so pleased that the redness has been reduced!

Great product. Works great without steroids.

Thank you so much!! :)

World Class Treatment

Thanks to a trusted source (i.e. my pops), I can now mingle in public and not feel ashamed or embarrassed with my dry patches of skin. He recommended that I try this after the medicine prescribed from my dermatologist was still causing me to feel itchy, irritable, and indecisive. Grahams, please continue to make more of this lotion; it has changed my life for the better.

Thank you so much for your review and more importantly your awesome Pops for finding and suggesting that you use our products! :)

Baby Cream for eczema and oil

Great products! It works but in my baby not at all, what I like it’s that keeps my baby skin moisturizer

Pet Drs Mega Oil
Kylie T.
Great product!

This stuff is great for my staffy’s skin! After 4 days I could feel the difference in his coat and his itching had subsided. And he really likes the taste. Thank you so much!! Can’t recommend this product more. Great job 👏

Psoriasis Cream
Marci D.
It works !!!!

My daughter struggled with psoriasis even with prescription medicine form our doctor nothing worked until I came across this ad and took a chance, bought it , first night she tried it you can see the improvement.

Hi Marci, That is such great results and we love hearing that you had tried everything and nothing worked until you found our Psoriasis cream! :)

Appreciate a substantial resource

My daughter has severe eczema and has been on Dupixent for a year. Graham's has been an added resource to her dry and irritated skin. It has helped her to feel more 'normal.' She likes that it doesn't feel greasy and is hydrating and moisturizes her skin. Thank you for making a great product!

Hi Karen, this is such great news to hear! Severe eczema can always be challenging especially if steroids or medicated creams have been used but we are very happy to hear that she can feel normal while using our cream! :)

Rosacea Cream
Best cream I've ever used

Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I've tried all stuff over the years and this seems to be the only product that is clearing my rosacea. The first few days of using it my skin went red and spotty but with persistence and regularly applying cream twice a day it reduce the redness and the bumps on my face are finally going down and finally getting the confidence to not cover my face all the time.

Hi Sheree, wow that is wonderful to hear!! Sometimes it may take a few days to work and you have to persevere, we appreciate you sharing your experience! :)

Amazing Product

I loved this product, and got good results. Will definitely be placing another order!

Hi Morgan, thank you so much! :)


I can’t thank you enough.. I have tried nearly everything and my boy was even on medication from the vets, His paws would be raw and bleeding, always getting yeast infections in his ears and skin just constantly itchy major one was his paws! Since I started him on the Omega oil his paws cleared up not one bit of redness. Didn’t have any ear infections at all vet couldn’t even believe how clean and that there was no build up at all and his skin wasn’t itchy any more! I just wish I found this sooner I will be recommending your products to everyone I know who’s pups are in the same situation or even to boost their immune system ❤️