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Derma Cream
Teresa D.
Not received

I have not received my order but it is already paid. Please let me know what happened

Probiotics and phytoplankton

Have been using this product for 2 weeks now and am having a big yeast problem. Hope it gets better

Hip and Joint Supplement Life changing

I recently purchased the hip and joint supplement for my dog who I noticed was having issues getting off the couch and walking, since using this I have noticed such a big improvement in his mobility! I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a dog that suffers from hip and joint issues this has honestly helped out my dog in so many ways, thank you so much

My dogs love this and the liver breaks easily into smaller pieces. Five 🐾 up

Cleaned up my girl Izzy nose in 2 days
Still using the derma cream on Louie only a few days in so see how we go

Not much difference

My dog is still leaking her paws and biting the bottom off her paws

My dog hates this

Does not matter what I hide the food in, my dog will it eat it.
I have tried everything at this point.
I don’t blame her honestly, the PHYTOPLANKTON has a terrible smell.
Gave some to other dog owners I know and they said the same.

Great product

I have been using this product for 2 weeks now & the difference in my dogs skin is amazing. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a dog with allergies ….

Hi Dianne, thanks for the great review! We're so glad that you're happy with the Gut Advanced Pack.

I never received my package

Works really well

Works really well to reduce redness and irritation


Great products

Worlds best dog shampoo

I am absolutely in love with this shampoo, my GSD has the thickest fur and this shampoo has not only lathered up amazingly but he is so soft and smells amazing after his bath! This shampoo also helped de shed his winter coat which was so helpful too! I would never use any other shampoo! Thank you pet drs!

Hi Kaylen,
Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous picture of your pup!
We are so glad to hear that our Derma Shampoo worked a treat on his coat!
It's our favourite too!
♡ Pet Drs

Another amazing product

Absolutely love these products! I have been searching for a pre/probiotic and couldn’t be more happy pet drs have come to supply this! Absolutely love the containers these are in with the scoops! So user friendly 🥰 Koda is one happy healthy puppy because of you pet drs! Thank you 🙏🏻

Hi Kaylen, we're so glad to hear that you love our Gut Advanced Pack and that it has been a great addition to your pet's health! We're thrilled that our containers are so user-friendly and that Koda is enjoying the benefits! Thank you for your kind words.

Gut advanced pack

This is amazing stuff my boy looks fantastic now he was full of patches he been on now for about 5 maybe6 weeks

Hi Lorraine,
We are so pleased to hear that our Pre & Probiotic and Phytoplankton products worked well for your boy!
His coat is glowing now - we love to see it!
Thanks for sharing!
♡ Pet Drs

This product is fantastic my boy has never looked better his coat has grown back nice and thick and really shiny I can't thank you guys enough I have just about all your products and would highly recommend all of them well done.

Mega oil for mega amazing skin

Have been purchasing the mega oil for a while and super happy with it. My labs coat is so smooth and shiny and no more dandruff. Highly recommend this product.

Thank you so much for your review! We are very happy that the Mega Oil has improved your pups skin.

Derma Cream
Ramski D.
Derma Cream

My French Bull dogs paws were slightly red and yeasty so I thought your product had good reviews. I tried the cream on her paws, right away they turned raw and red so I washed off the product. I gave the tube to my daughter for her dog

Fantastic Combination !!!

Bailie is a rescue dog from the RSPCA. There wasn't a lot of information about her past, apart from the fact she was neglected and abused, so I didn't have any clues about any possible existing issues. While she never showed any licking, redness or gut issues, I was determined that I would get ahead and have a preventative for any future problems and for her ongoing wellbeing.
She has both the Gut & Immunity and the Mega Oil mixed into her food every night and has never had any issues with the taste, she always licks her bowl clean. Her coat has really improved and is now so shiny (the photo does not do justice to how shiny it is) - even her vet commented how healthy it is.
I highly recommend this combination .... especially as good ongoing maintenance.
Thank You Pet Drs xoxo

Hi Jocelyn, Bailie is beautiful! We are so glad the products have improved her overall health. Thank you

Derma Cream

Helped okay.

It definitely helped my dog but I didn’t see a huge different.

Gut + Immunity
Keely P.
Gut health & skin

Had amazing results with both my French bulldog and mini dachshund

Hi Keely,
Thanks so much for sharing!
Glad that we could help both of your pups ♡
Pet Drs

Excellence Product

My miniature pinschers love having this first thing in the morning with their homemade dog food. They prance to their bowls. I've noticed my 5 year old girl is more active and is engaging in activities that she used to do as a puppy! People have commented about their shiny coats too! The 5 year old loves the robe! We'll have to get one for the little girl too!

They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for your amazing review.

Gut Advanced Pack
lorraine b.
Gut repair pack

He has been on it for a week he loves it no gut upsets with it,I am surprised as he does have a sensitive tummy,seems to be ok but probably to soon to see any Major changes but will keep updating, I do love all pet drs stuff.