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Shop the full range of Pet Drs products. Our products are made from natural ingredients, developed to sooth, nourish and calm the skin. Whether your Pet is suffering from itchy skin or simply have sensitive skin, you’ll find a product that suits them.
Pet Drs Derma Cream
$21.95 AUD
Pet Drs Mega Oil
from $23.95 AUD
Pet Drs HotSpot Gel
$18.95 AUD
Pet Drs ShamPOO
from $15.95 AUD
Hip + Joint Supplement
from $34.95 AUD
Stress + Anxiety Supplement
from $34.95 AUD
Gut + Immunity Supplement
from $34.95 AUD
Natural Paw Balm
$12.95 AUD $14.95 AUD
Natural Nose Balm
$12.95 AUD
Premium Kangaroo Kidney 150G
$13.95 AUD
Premium Wild Boar Liver 150G
$13.95 AUD
Premium Goat Liver 150g
$13.95 AUD
Premium Kangaroo Liver 150g
$13.95 AUD
Premium Little Fishies 150g
$13.95 AUD
Pet Drs Shampoo Brush
$9.95 AUD
Therapeutic Fur-Favourite Pack
from $49.95 AUD
Shampoouch Pack
$19.95 AUD $25.90 AUD
Ditch The Itch Pack
from $61.95 AUD $75.80 AUD
Snoot to Tail Value Pack
$61.95 AUD
Pet Drs Gift Card
from $10.00 AUD
Gut Repair Pack
from $49.95 AUD $59.95 AUD
LickiMat Soother
$14.95 AUD
LickiMat Buddy
$14.95 AUD
LickiMat Playdate
$14.95 AUD
Beef Liver 150g
$12.95 AUD
Lamb Liver 150g
$12.95 AUD
Chicken Necks 150g
$10.95 AUD
Chicken Feet 150g
$10.95 AUD
Dog Robes
from $50.00 AUD