Give Your Pet The Gift Of Health For Christmas

Give Your Pet The Gift Of Health For Christmas

Christmas is a time for family and we know you consider your pet as a furry child! The gifts we give our pets around this time can be tricky, lots of the commercialised pet gifts around the festive season are actually not very good for your pet. Things like cookies, rawhide treats or dangerous chews and toys they can choke on. This year we are changing things up because we want our pet’s to be healthy and happy above all else!

We’ve put together healthy gift guides to help you choose wisely when you spoil your pet this Christmas! 

Gifts for your pet this year! 

Healthy Treats:

Our single protein treats are the perfect guilt free treat this Christmas! There are no preservatives, no additives and are all Aussie produce and Aussie made! Not only are our treats super nutritious, your dog will love them! There’s no need for wheat, sugar, salt, preservatives, vegetable oils or rawhide in your pet’s treats! Shop our range of Chicken, Beef, & Lamb treats, plus our novel proteins like Goat & Kangaroo! 

Pet Drs Shampoo:

pet drs shampoo

It’s summer here in Australia which means lots of playing outside and beach trips, which means extra washing! Our coconut scented natural shampoo is the perfect stocking stuffer for your pet this Christmas! It’s nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, manuka honey and jojoba seed oil nourish your pet’s skin and coat and make them smell delicious this summer! 

Paw Balm:

paw balm

This is a summer must have! No matter how early we get out to walk the dogs, the pavement is always warm in summer, this paw balm is a must have to stop those cracked paws in summer, plus it’s the best little stocking stuffer for your pup! 

Dog Robe:

No matter what season you are in, our Dog Robe is the perfect gift! It’s soft bamboo material is super absorbent for after swim and bath time dry offs, or to kep your pooch warm inside on a cold winters day. 

Itchy Dog Gifts 

Itchy dogs shouldn’t have to miss out this year! Many dogs with allergies miss out around Christmas time, but with our products they don’t have to! 

Novel Protein Treats!

Itchy and allergy prone dogs can enjoy our super healthy range of novel protein treats this Christmas! You should try our Sensitive Dog Treat Bundle 

Itchy Dog Pack:

This pack is an essential for all itchy dogs, as it has everything you’ll need to keep their itchy skin under control over Christmas! It includes our best selling Prebiotic & Probiotics, Phytoplankton and our viral Derma Cream, plus our newest addition our Derma Shampoo! This pack helps to work internally and externally to remove irritants and allergens on the skin, soothe dry and itchy skin and improve gut health! 

Hot Spot Gel:

This is another essential this Christmas! When all the vet’s are closed this is a great thing to have to reduce inflammation on your pet’s skin! There is nothing more your pet would love than keeping them healthy and comfortable this Christmas!