How to Have a Safe and Spooktacular Halloween

How to Have a Safe and Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and although it isn’t the biggest celebration here in Australia, we’ll never turn down an excuse to dress our dogs up and make them themed treats! 

It’s a super fun day, but can be scary and dangerous for our dogs too. So first up let’s chat about the not so fun bits of Halloween for our pets. 

The Hazards of Halloween 

  1. Stress and Anxiety 

Halloween means street parties, kids knocking on the door and lots of extra noise. This can be incredibly stressful for even the most relaxed dogs, let alone those who already have anxious tendencies. We recommend using our Stress + Anxiety Supplement in the morning to help calm your pet’s nervous system. Also consider keeping your dog in a quiet room/crate that they can retreat to, you can play calming music and use enrichment activities to help keep them occupied and calm through trick or treating. 

  1. Choking Hazards 

Costumes are so much fun, all the kids dressed up and having a blast, but lots of costumes come with small jewellery or feathers that can fall and become choking hazards for your pup, or if not choking cause a blockage! Make sure to keep an eye on your dog, and if they show any signs of choking or a blockage take them to see your vet asap! 

  1. Chocolates and Candy 

The best part of the night’s festivities is the treats of course, but we know that all these things are not good for your dog. Keep your trick or treating goodies in a sealed container, well out of the way of your dog’s reach. Again, if your pet shows any signs of sickness, vomiting, loss of energy or diarrhoea take them to vet immediately as they may have snuck a treat for themselves. 

Healthy Treats For Your Pet 

Okay now that the health things are out of the way, let’s talk about the fun stuff! We have a bunch of healthy Halloween appropriate treats that you can make for your dog so they aren’t missing out on any of the fun! 

 Pumpkin Digest Treats                Algae Bones                  Dog Safe Chocolate



Finally, Halloween is not the same without a spooky (or cute) costume to top it off! Here are some of our favourites we’ve seen! Make sure to tag us in your cute costumes this Halloween!