Why Does My Dog Have A Dry, Patchy Coat?

Why Does My Dog Have A Dry, Patchy Coat?


Does your dog suffer from a dull and patchy coat? Things like dry skin, coarse fur and hair loss are common pet issues that many pet parents face, but why? 

There are many reasons as to why your dog might have a dry and patchy coat, the most common of these are a lack of omega oils and fatty acids in your dog's diet, allergies, or harsh chemicals in their shampoo, to name a few. 


A Lack of Omega Oils & Essential Fatty Acids:

A dry, lacklustre coat may indicate that your dog is lacking omega oils and essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are a crucial part of your dog's diet, as they are unable to produce these nutrients on their own. Dogs need to be fed these omegas through their food, or through a supplement that is added into their diet! As it can be difficult to consistently give your dog foods that are high in omegas, the Pet Drs Mega Oil is a great way to take the guesswork out of the ratios to give your pet. With the perfect blend of Omega 3,6, & 9s you can be sure that they are receiving the correct amount to nourish their skin & coat and not cause any further inflammation! 



Allergies may also leave your dog's coat looking patchy, as their allergies can cause them to scratch, leading to hair loss and skin irritation. In this case, choosing a nourishing and nutrient dense diet for your pet should always be your first change! Once you’ve found a diet that works for your pet, it’s best to look at feeding your pets a natural supplement to help alleviate and manage their allergies and symptoms. Some dogs that scratch their skin too much may need to initially try a topical solution to their irritation. Topical solutions such as the Pet Drs Derma Cream or Hot Spot Gel will help aid discomfort and reduce initial inflammation. However, it is also important to target the root cause of their allergies with supplements like our Gut Advance Pack. This helps to support your pet’s gut and immune system to the irritant. 

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Harsh Chemicals:

Have you noticed your pet’s coat looking thin, dry or just dull? This may mean that their shampoo is stripping them of their natural oils, leading to skin irritation. The Pet Drs Derma Shampoo is the perfect solution here! It’s gentle yet effective formulation makes it a great alternative to shampoos that strip the skin and coat. Made with colloidal oatmeal, calendula and chamomile, it’ll help to alleviate a dry, flakey coat, whilst cleaning and conditioning the skin. 


Making sure your pet has a nutrient rich diet and fresh food diet is a great place to start when fixing any issues that your dog is experiencing. Then combining a holistic care plan of supplements and topical treatments will help internally and externally change your pet’s coat for the better!