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    Natural Paw Balm
    Natural Paw Balm
    Natural Paw Balm

    Natural Paw Balm


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    Our Natural Paw Balm is a gentle and soothing balm that is essential for every dogs daily skincare routine. Paw Balm contains powerful natural ingredients such as neem oil, which supports paw repair and general discomfort from dry, itchy paws. 

    Paw balm is designed to be used all year round to maintain and protect dry paws as well as promoting healthy skin as it is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to ensure the absolute best skincare for your furry friend! 

    Why use Pet Drs Paw Balm?

    As dog owners we understand that our pet’s paws go through a lot on a day to day basis. Walking on surfaces that are rough, hot, cold or uneven can cause pain if their paws aren’t in good condition. While wear and tear is normal for our dog’s paws, dry cracked paws are often a cause for concern.

    Pet Drs Paw Balm is a 100% natural balm that helps to hydrate and protect the paws from dryness. The ingredient, neem oil, helps support paw repair and promotes healthy skin so our pet’s paws can be in tip top condition all year around!

    Specially formulated with:

    Neem Oil:has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties which helps improve general discomfort from dry, cracked paws. It also has great hydrating qualities.

    Sunflower Seed Oil: acts as a great barrier to toxins and germs making it the perfect choice for irritated skin. Due to its great hydrating properties, it helps to soften skin, moisturise skin and soothe the skin.

    Beeswax: is a great thick ingredient that has been known for years to help heal chapped, dry paws. It creates a thick layer of hydration on the paw and therefore helps to heal the overall dryness of the skin!

    Specially formulated for:

    • Dogs that have visibly cracked paws and show discomfort 
    • Dogs that often walk on hot surfaces (it is great to be applied after a walk in summer)
    • Dogs that walk on very cold surfaces (chemicals from the ice)