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Pet Care Natural healthy treats
Pet Care Natural healthy treats
Pet Care Natural healthy treats
Pet Care Natural healthy treats
Pet Care Natural healthy treats
Pet Care Natural healthy treats

Premium Kangaroo Kidney 150G


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Pet Drs Kangaroo Kidney is a 100% single protein and novel protein treat designed for dogs that struggle with sensitive skin and tummies.

Containing some amazing nutrients and vitamins, Kangaroo Kidney is the perfect all round treat for your four legged friend!

What are Novel Proteins?

Did you know that the food we feed our pets can be a contributing factor to skin allergies? Common mainstream protein meats such as chicken, beef or lamb can cause food sensitivities or allergies when these foods are fed too often to our pets.
Novel protein foods are those which contain a protein source from a less mainstream animal than what we commonly see in typical dog food or treats. Some of these could include kangaroo, rabbit, bison or goat just to name a few.

We incorporated Novel Proteins into our range to provide dogs that struggle with sensitivities an alternative to common mainstream treats. Most novel protein foods are hypoallergenic and therefore cannot irritate the skin!If your dog suffers from sensitivities or allergies, novel proteins may help alleviate these symptoms.

Specially formulated with:

100% Kangaroo Kidney. A novel protein.

Kangaroo Kidney has numerous health benefits for your dog. One including its readily available source of zinc found in the meat. Zinc is an essential trace mineral required in a dog's diet to maintain good health! It is also better absorbed by the body rather than from plant sources. Also, an important vitamin (B3) is found in the kidney, which helps to remove toxic and harmful chemicals from your dog's body. And as a bonus, it helps to improve circulation!

Kangaroo meat is very lean, meaning it contains a very low amount of fat. BUT! It is still packed full of protein!

Specially formulated for:

  • Dogs on special novel protein diets 
  • Dogs that struggle with sensitive stomachs and sensitive skin 
  • Dogs that want a delicious treat!