Save Money & Make Your Pet Healthier This Year!

Save Money & Make Your Pet Healthier This Year!

Here at Pet Drs we are all about allowing your pet’s to thrive and live naturally healthy lives! This is so important, but can be costly, so here are some top tips on how to actually save money this year whilst also making your pet healthier and happier! 

Start with Nutrition: 

9 times out of 10 the food you’re feeding your pet has a direct impact on the issues they are having. Feeding low cost options with low quality ingredients will more than likely cost you more down the line with vet bills, medications and stress.

Our number 1 tip to saving money, is actually spending more on their food. It sounds strange, but trust us your pet and bank account will thank us in the long run. We love fresh feeding which is lightly cooked or raw food. This kind of food has so many more health benefits and is much more nutritionally rich! Can't afford to feed all fresh/raw? That's okay, why not buy that and add it into their dry biscuits. This will improve their health and keep it cost effective for you!


Preventative Care:

Following on from working on their nutrition, ensuring you have a healthy pet means prevention is key! Knowing what common issues your pet’s breed has is a great first start. Some breeds are prone to hip issues, anxiety, gut issues, behavioural issues etc. Knowing this means that you can work on these areas of their health from the beginning.  Even if your pet isn’t showing these signs, once they start to age, you’ll be so happy you were proactive because you will save thousands on vet visits, medication, operations and save yourself lots and lots of stress!

Preventative care can look like adding natural supplements to your pet’s meal to support any issues, feeding breed appropriate food, creating structured routines, enrichment activities or training techniques to help adjust your pet to live their healthiest life! 


Pet toys can add up quickly, especially if your furry friend has a penchant for destroying them. Get creative and make your own toys using household items. For example, toilet rolls or old towels can be great enrichment toys! Not only is this cost-effective, but it also adds an extra layer of fun and stimulation for your pet.

Homemade Treats:

So many of the treats in the stores are filled with ingredients that are terrible for you dogs, and the few good quality ones can be pricey, especially if your pet has itchy skin, allergies or specific dietary needs. Consider preparing homemade treats! Not only is it often more affordable, but it also allows you to control the quality of ingredients. Follow us on Instagram and Tiktok for healthy treat recipes and ideas! Or if you are looking for an affordable healthy treat, shop our natural treat range! 


Healthy Exercise Routine:

Keeping your pet physically and mentally active is crucial for their well-being and health! Regular exercise can prevent obesity and related health issues, keep them mobile, and reduce stress and anxiety which reduces the need for expensive veterinary care. Take your dog for daily walks that are adequate to the breed, play interactive games or do training exercises to keep your dog healthy and happy! 


Education is completely free and so so so important to saving money this year! Knowing more about your pet’s health and what things will help them is the easiest way to keep your pet healthy and happy this year whilst also saving money. Of course always consult with your vet, but the more you can do from home to help the better!

Educating yourself on things that can be toxic to your pet like food, plants, essential oils or other environmental factors are so important! Other things like educating yourself on the ingredients in the pet products you are giving your pets will go a long way. Many pet care brands use harsh chemicals or preservatives that might not be the best for your pet.