Customer Stories: Hear from Buddy & Grace 🐾

Customer Stories: Hear from Buddy & Grace 🐾

Can you tell us a little bit about what Buddy was dealing with before you found Pet Drs? 

Ever since I got Buddy at 5 months old (he was a rescue) he had issues with yeast infections and gut health. One of the first things I did after I got him was take him to the vet, because he had red and yeasty ears.

After that I had 3 years of constant struggling with digestive issues like diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting, eating grass and recurring yeast infections. I changed his diet many times trying to figure out what was causing the issue, I stopped kibble feeding and chose a more fresh approach before trying raw feeding, which agreed with his digestive health much more, but I was noticing him itching more and more. We found out he had pretty bad allergies, and it became a struggle to find a protein that wouldn’t  make him itchy. The itching got so bad, we was losing lots of hair and his skin was red, he’d scratch so hard he’d make himself bleed.

Up until this point I had spent thousands of dollars at the vets, getting every kind of test, trying antibiotics, steroids, creams, ear drops, you name it. I’d also tried lots of natural approaches too, probiotics, cleanses, supplements and nothing was working. That’s when I discovered Pet Drs. At this point he had lost all the hair around his eyes and mouth and was scratching his mouth so hard it was like an open wound. He was in a cone collar 24/7 basically and was losing hair around his legs too. 

What products did you start with, and what changes did you notice in your pet?

I started with the Gut Starter Pack, Hot Spot Gel and Derma Cream. I started adding the supplements into his meals and applied the Hot Spot Gel to the inflamed areas around his lips and eyes. Immediately I noticed the inflammation went down after applying the Hot Spot Gel, after 1 week applying it, it was not as red and he didn’t seem to be itching so much. After the redness went down the skin was quite dry so I switched to the Derma Cream which I noticed a big difference, it seemed to give him quite a bit of relief from the itching. After about 4 weeks he was having new hair growth, but was still very itchy. I switched his food, as I thought he may have developed an allergy to it, and sure enough with the supplements and his new food he was a new dog within a month! He was still itchy but we could leave him unsupervised without the cone collar and he wouldn't make himself bleed which seemed like a miracle at that point! 

What food do you feed him now?

He seems to develop allergies easily so we switched him to a plant based option and did an elimination diet, this helped lots! Pet Drs then came out with their Gut Advanced Pack and wow, we noticed a huge difference in his health after trying these! As we were trying new protein all the time for him to see if he reacted, the probiotics helped support his gut health during the changes and in the times he was eating plant-based the phytoplankton was amazing because it has so many minerals that it gave me piece of mind that even without the meat, he was getting a nutrient dense meal that was good for him. 

Since starting those supplements and going through that process he has been amazing! Very rarely itching, very rarely having digestive issues and since starting the Gut Advanced Pack about 6 months ago, we haven’t had a single ear infection!


How do you think the Pet Drs products helped on your journey? 

The Pet Drs products helped so much it’s unreal! Obviously finding food that didn’t cause issues was a big part of it, but Pet Drs made everything much more smooth, and now they help to maintain his health. If he ever gets itchy I have the Hot Spot or Derma Cream on hand to soothe his skin and supplements that I know will work to help with any digestive upset.