What Holistic Pet Care Means To Us

What Holistic Pet Care Means To Us

Here at Pet Drs we have built a brand that is dedicated to natural solutions to everyday issues for dogs & cats all around the world. Whether it is itchy skin, anxiety, joint health or just overall health and wellbeing we saw that the pet industry at large was failing our pets in many ways by not considering their health naturally and holistically. We recognise that true wellbeing extends beyond mere physical health. Our commitment goes beyond treating symptoms; we prioritise the harmony of both external and internal facets of your furry friend's health. We follow the 3 fundamentals of wellness to ensure your pet can live its best life!

Our Fundamentals of Wellness: 

1. Nutrition 

Ever heard the saying you are what you eat? It definitely has some layer of truth to it. The standards for food in the pet industry are seriously lacking. Just like in humans nutrition is the number 1 way to maintain optimal health, but most readily available pet food brands aren’t making food that best services our pet’s health. When you look at the back of a kibble packet, most of them are filled with carbohydrates like wheat and cereals, meat by products or meat meals, sugars, yeast, salt, soy, vegetable oil and fortified minerals. 

When you consider your own health, is this something you would eat everyday? It would likely make you gain weight, feel lethargic, cause acne breakouts and cause serious digestive issues, and yet we feed these to our pets? We believe food is the foundation of good health, and that starts with real, whole food with its own range of real minerals and nutrients. A fresh food approach will always service your pet’s health in a more holistic way. Doing research and speaking to your trusted vet about what type of fresh feeding will work for your pet is so important to set a good foundation for your pet’s health and recovery.


2. Lifestyle

Your pet’s routine may affect their health more than you realise! Their activities, routine and environment plays a crucial role in determining their overall wellbeing. Cats & Dogs have become domesticated over thousands of years as our companions, but those instincts still are very important to their wellbeing.

How often you exercise with your pet, how much fresh air they get, how much enrichment they receive, if they are trained enough, all of these things have a direct impact on your pet’s health. Ensuring you do research into a breed before you choose them is so important, purchasing a highly active pet when you work 60 hours a week and can’t take them out for 2 hours a day is not the right lifestyle for that breed and will affect their mental and physical health.

Having a healthy exercise and enrichment routine can go a long way with shifting your pet’s health and overall wellbeing. 


3. Natural Supplements 

Once you’ve got these fundamentals in place, natural pet care can help complement and enhance their overall health. Our products don’t work miracles, but they can transform your pet’s health when applied properly and in a holistic way.

Our approach to holistic health takes into consideration your feeding and lifestyle routines, and your pet’s internal and external symptoms to target the root cause of the issues. With well researched and science backed ingredients we use a range of natural remedies to target gut health, skin health, anxiety and joint health. 

We always recommend managing the symptoms externally with our shampoos and topical creams and gels, whilst also addressing the issue internally with our allergy friendly supplements. When you consider your pet’s gut health, skin health and mental health all at once the results speak for themselves. 

Our products work integrated with your trusted vet and can be combined with conventional veterinary medicine to help better manage your pet’s health! 

There is no one quick fix to your pet’s health concerns, we aim to target the issue and manage symptoms whilst also working internally to begin your pet’s health journey. This is what holistic pet care means to us, it means addressing their mental and physical health. By seamlessly integrating lifestyle factors, stress management, mental enrichment, and a tailored diet into our comprehensive approach, we aim to foster a balanced and thriving life for your beloved pets.