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Snack Time!

Promoting good internal health is important to us here at PetDrs, which is why we formulated an internal oil supplement called Mega Oil that contains omegas and essential fatty acids which helps improve your pet's overall skin, joint and internal health. Mega Oil is especially perfect for any pet suffering from skin issues, as it helps repair the gut and reduce inflammation inside the body!

Pet Drs Mega Oil
from $23.95 AUD
Premium Kangaroo Kidney 150G
$13.95 AUD
Premium Kangaroo Liver 150g
$13.95 AUD
Premium Wild Boar Liver 150G
$13.95 AUD
Premium Goat Liver 150g
$13.95 AUD
Premium Little Fishies 150g
$13.95 AUD
Pet Drs Gift Card
from $10.00 AUD