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    Hip + Joint Supplement
    Hip + Joint Supplement
    Hip + Joint Supplement
    Hip + Joint Supplement
    Hip + Joint Supplement
    Hip + Joint Supplement
    Hip + Joint Supplement
    Hip + Joint Supplement
    Hip + Joint Supplement
    Hip + Joint Supplement

    Hip + Joint Supplement


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    Pet Drs Hip + Joint supplement is a 100% natural supplement formulated to help optimise, maintain and support healthy hip and joint mobility and strength. Containing a comprehensive range of ingredients, such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and Collagen, Hip + Joint will help protect and support healthy hips and joints in dogs and cats of all ages! 

    Always read the label. Intended for occasional or supplemental feeding in line with directions or advice from your animal health professional.

    Why use Pet Drs Hip + Joint Supplement?

    When our pet’s joints start to deteriorate due to age related outcomes or lifestyle factors, so too does their quality of life.
    This pain and discomfort can have a real effect on your pet’s mood, well-being and overall health.

    Pet Drs Hip + Joint supplement has been carefully researched and developed by a naturopath and veterinarian to optimise, maintain and support healthy hips and joints. Specifically containing Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM, Hip + Joint can help relieve discomfort and/or pain as well as doubling as a preventative measure for young dogs predisposed to joint issues. 

    Specially formulated with:

    Glucosamine: is one of the most popular (& effective) ingredients for relieving joint pain and arthritis. Glucosamine helps to stimulate cartilage growth and thicken fluid around the joints to allow for easy movement and reduce pain.

    Chondroitin: Chondroitin sulphate is also used to maintain synovial fluid around the joints and help aid with joint pain and movement. It is also an important building block for cartilage. Combined with Glucosamine, the two go hand in hand to give extra joint protection and joint structure.

    MSM:MSM helps to reduce muscle damage and also helps relieve general stiffness and pain related to aging. It does this by inhibiting inflammatory responses in the body and therefore reducing stress on these areas.

    Collagen: Collagen is a natural ingredient used to help lubricate the connective tissue that supports hips and joints. It is also great to be used as a preventative for dogs approaching their senior years or pups more prone to joint issues.

    Glutamine: is an amino acid used in supplements to help treat and prevent gastrointestinal damage and inflammation in the pancreas (pancreatitis). There have also been numerous studies to show it may be helpful for conditions such as bowel disease, parvovirus and chemotherapy.

    Vitamin C: Just like humans, Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant to keep us healthy and alive. This is the same for our pets! It helps by removing potentially harmful free radicals in the body and reducing inflammation.

    Omega 3 DHA: Omega 3 is an essential part of your dog's diet! As their body cannot make it naturally, they need to obtain it from their diet. Omega 3 supports an overall healthy lifestyle but most importantly protects and supports joints.

    Manganese: this is an important micronutrient that is essential for your pets health as it is responsible for producing energy, carbohydrates and metabolising protein. Most importantly, it plays a role in the health and maintenance of bones and cartilage in joints. 

    Specially formulated for:

    • Senior pet’s struggling with joint issues
    • Breeds predisposed to hip and joint problems
    • Overweight pets 
    • Highly active dogs, such as farm dogs, sporting dogs or agility and performance dogs
    • Can be used as a preventive supplement

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