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Itchy Dog Pack

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Pet Drs Itchy Dog Pack includes our four most popular products which are designed to soothe and nourish sensitive skin from the inside out. 

Cleanse and hydrate your pets coat with our sensitive skin friendly Derma Shampoo and soothe skin dryness with our Derma Cream, a blend of natural ingredients formulated to improve the skin barrier.

The Itchy Dog Pack goes beyond the skin with Phytoplankton Omega & Multi and Prebiotic & Probiotic, a dynamic duo for optimal gut health. These powerful meal toppers are rich in essential nutrients that promote overall health and support a balanced digestive system for optimal vitality.

Sensitive skin friendly

Inside & outside care

Non-medicated & steroid-free

Australian made


Pet Drs Itchy Dog Pack is an all-natural, comprehensive solution to addressing concerns like allergies, digestive troubles, and gut discomfort from the inside out. Containing a combined 5 billion CFU per serve and essential fatty acids this pack helps to target the root cause of common pet issues for long-lasting results.

An added bonus of managing the symptoms topically with our range of non-medicated products to help soothe the skin externally.

What's Included?

1x Phytoplankton Omega & Multi 80g

1x Prebiotic + Probiotic 60g

1x Derma Cream 75g

1x Derma Shampoo 500ml

Taste Guarantee

We are confident that your pet will love our products.
However, if for some reason they are strutting around and
throwing their nose in the air over the taste of one of our products, we've got your back.

Pet Drs 100% Taste Guarantee provides you the opportunity to return your products and receive a refund, if done so within 30 days of receiving your order.

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How To Use

Pre & Probiotic/Phytoplankton Omega & Multi:

Administer the daily dose of Phytoplankton Omega & Multi & Prebiotic & Probiotic over your pet’s food once daily per their correct weight. Or follow advice from your animal health professional.
1 gram scoop included.

Derma Cream:

To ensure effective use of Derma Cream, generously apply it to the affected area. We suggest applying it once in the morning and again at night just before bedtime. For additional relief, you can also apply Derma Cream throughout the day as needed.

Derma Shampoo:

It is recommended to only wash every 4-6 weeks. If your dog is visibly dirty, and you are unable to get them clean with a rinse and brush, then it’s time for a wash. Washing too frequently can disrupt the natural oils of the coat, making your dog even more stinky and potentially contributing to skin diseases.

To get the best results for your pet’s skin, ensure to massage the product well into skin and rinse thoroughly.


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    Any statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). This product is a nutritional supplement for inclusion in animal feed. Product information and statements made are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

    Itchy Dog Pack
    Itchy Dog Pack
    Itchy Dog Pack
    Itchy Dog Pack
    Itchy Dog Pack
    Australian Made & Owned
    Naturally Formulated
    Allergy Friendly
    Vet Nutritionist Approved
    Free Shipping Over $95 AUS

    • Inside & Outside Care

      Emphasising a comprehensive approach to improving both gut and skin health concurrently.

    • Enhanced Gut Support

      Containing 5 billion CFU per serve, to help colonise and balance the gut microbiome.

    • Digestive Wellbeing

      High strength formulas to promote a healthy digestive tract and target inconsistent bowel movements such as constipation and/or diarrhoea.

    Why Gut Health Is Important

    The gut microbiota plays a pivotal role in maintaining our pets' overall health, with around 60-80% of the immune system lying in the gut. Recent studies have shown that an affected microbiome has a role in many extraintestinal disorders, such as atopic disorders. 

    When the gut microbiome is affected, it can become much more permeable, which increases oxidative stress and inflammation.

    Included in the pack

    • Prebiotic + Probiotic

      Containing 5 billion CFU per 1 gram scoop.

    • Phytoplankton

      75+ nutrients within a single-celled organism for skin, coat & overall health.

    • Derma Cream

      Natural, non-medicated cream formulated to repair dry, flaky skin.

    • Derma Shampoo

      Gentle non-medicated wash specifically formulated for dogs with problem skin.

    See REAL Results

    "This stuff is amazing 100% recommend. I tried everything for my dog, it cost me a fortune so decided to give this a go. Best thing I ever did- no itching biting or licking all his lesions are gone and his coat is so thick and shiny. No more bald spots! If you have a dog suffering with bad itchy skin or a dull coat you have to try this." - Lorraine


    Are the supplements in powder form or treat form?

    Phytoplankton Omega & Multi and Prebiotic & Probiotic come in a powdered form so you can easily sprinkled over your pet's food once daily.

    Do I have to use the products every day?

    For best results, we recommend using the products daily! Irregular use of the products may affect the results of the products.

    For Derma Shampoo, we recommend washing every 2-3 weeks.

    Is the Itchy Dog Pack okay for puppies?

    For puppies, we recommend starting with our Gut Starter Pack. These products are a great way to kickstart your puppies health. We recommend starting this pack on puppies over 8 weeks old.

    How do I prevent my pet licking the cream off straight away?

    It is possible that your pet may find the cream enjoyable. To prevent them from immediately licking it off, we suggest distracting your pet for at least 15 minutes after application with treats, toys, or other engaging activities.

    Similarly, using an Elizabethan Collar is a great way to prevent them licking the product off.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 124 reviews

    In correlation with a BARF diet, this product has stopped the terrible itching my puppy was suffering with for months. No more biting and all hair has grown back

    Thank you very much for your review Monika! We are glad to hear the products and a diet change has improved your puppies skin! 😊


    No good


    Fantastic product

    Sophie L.
    no more red itchy paws

    My cocker spaniel red inflamed irritated paws and a bit of belly redness, within 1 day he had almost stopped licking them, within 2 days the irritation was gone no more licking, within 3 days the inflammation and belly redness gone, within 1 week happy dog

    Thank you for sharing your positive experience with Gut Advanced Pack for your cocker spaniel's paw and belly irritation! We are so glad to hear that our product was able to bring relief within just a few days. We appreciate your feedback and wish your furry friend continued health and happiness.