Summer Safety For Your Dog

By Taya Hosking - 16/11/22

The tips that dog owners need to know for this hot season

For pups in the southern hemisphere,
the weather has surely begun to heat up and the sun is shining.
Although this may seem like the season for beach trips and pool swims,
it’s important to be weary of the dos and don’ts for your pup this Summer.

Heat Stroke

Unlike humans, dog’s only perspire through one part of their body… the paws.
The paws contain merocrine glands (similar to humans) and this helps them to perspire which in turn cools them down. The other kind of sweat gland they have are apocrine glands, however these are designed to release scent pheromones rather than cool the body down.
The other way that dogs are designed to release heat is through panting. This works by increasing ventilation of the upper respiratory tract and therefore increasing heat loss through evaporation.
When a dog is in a confined environment with humid conditions, it can quickly lead to heat stroke. Therefore it is imperative to ensure that your dog has access to fresh air, and is not confined to spaces such as a car, as this can quickly lead to disaster.
As well as this, ensure that your dog always has access to shade so that they can escape the sun when necessary.


You may assume that your dog produces a natural sunscreen and could never get burnt, however a dog’s skin is very similar to that of humans.
This means that although it may sound silly, if your pet is going to be out in the sunshine for a prolonged period of time, you may need to apply sunscreen to their coat/skin. It’s best to choose a pet specific sunscreen as it is inevitable that your dog may try to have a taste and normal sunscreens can contain toxic ingredients that aren’t safe for dogs.
It is specifically important to apply sunscreen if your dog has a lighter or shorter coat (as it’s easier for the sun rays to penetrate). Ensure to cover belly, ears and nose!


Although it may be tempting to have your pet clipped and styled for the day before Christmas to show off to all your family, it is best not to.
A pet’s coat is naturally designed to keep them cool (or warm) depending on the season. Therefore, if you shave that off, not only are you taking away one of their cooling mechanisms, but you’re also opening them up to the chance of some severe sunburn!
Therefore it’s best to just give them a trim, and leave at least a full inch of hair to protect them.

Dog Walking

Going for a walk or to the beach/park may be your dog’s favourite time of the day. However it is imperative to be mindful of the time when you are taking them for a walk. During the middle of the day, the heat is the hottest, the UV is the highest, and the humidity is heating up, therefore we recommend sticking to early morning walks or late afternoon strolls.
Also ensure to take a quick pitstop if your dog needs it, and ensure that water is readily available if they need it.

Paw Protection

As mentioned earlier in this blog, dog’s perspire through their paws. This is why it is important to keep the heat on their paws to a minimum.
This may mean avoiding cement and asphalt which are two services which can often become extremely hot for bare paws.
This can lead to an increase in body temperature as well as burning the paw pads. We recommend walking your dog on grass when possible to keep their paws protected and safe. 

Don’t worry, despite all of these, you can still have plenty of fun with your pet this season!
Why not try filling up a kiddie pool with water for your dog to jump into and refresh?
Or turning the sprinkler on and allowing them unlimited jumps at it?
Or try to teach them a new skill like surfing?

Whatever it may be, Summer is a time for fun and outdoor activities, and the perfect time to take your dog with you to explore and adventure.

Just don’t forget the sunscreen, water bowl or paw booties!

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