Your Dog's Weekly Horoscope
 23rd - 29th October 2022

By Pet Drs - 23/10/22

Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking?
Have you ever questioned their mood, wondering what has gotten into them for the week?
Do you want to delve deeper into the mind of your dog?
Well we have curated a list of horoscopes to keep you up to date with your dog's moods!

For this week's horoscopes, we're diving deep into the characteristics of you pups this month.

Some are experiencing an adventurous soul, others are throwing out some fantastic flare 
in regards to their appearances, and some are taking a well needed break
from the mayhem of the neighbourhood.

Whatever your pooch may be up to this month, make sure to shower
them in treats. Or in terms of some of them, give them a shower...
pfft what's that smell?!

Join us every Sunday to delve into the upcoming characteristics of your furry friend for the week.

Aries Dog (March 21st - April 19th)

The creative genius in you is activated this week, Aries dog.
You’ve got ideas buzzing in your ears, thoughts flowing through your dreams, and passion coming out of your paws. Maybe it’s a new flavour of treat you think should be invented… maybe along the lines of bacon banana bites?
Or a stronger design for your favourite chew toy because mum has already bought you 3 of them and you’ve torn them all apart…
Or possibly it’s a new cream to help your paws to stop itching… oh wait Pet Drs already has that so you may want to rethink that one.
Whatever it may be, Aries dog, seize the week and showcase your creativity.
You might just end up in the next addition of ‘Paws Daily’ with your million dollar idea.

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Taurus Dog (April 20 - May 20)

It’s time for you to take a step back and recharge your social battery this week, little miss Taurus. You’ve been running around the neighbourhood, sharing your smackos with the pups, and ruining a few too many of the rose bushes in the neighbourhood.
It’s time to lay low for the week, get in touch with your chill side, and binge watch all the dogflix you possibly can over the next week.
You haven’t even had time to appreciate the new ‘Princess Pooch Couch’ mum bought you last month because you’ve been so busy.
It cost her an argument with dad so make sure you put some good use to it and make her smile this week.
She might even reward you with a cushion to match it!

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Gemini Dog (May 21 - June 20)

It’s time to branch out of your comfort zone this week, Gemini dog.
Learn a new trick, audition for Dancing with the Dogs, or start a neighbourhood podcast with Pete the Pug down the road (we’ve heard his dad works for the radio).
You might even find a new passion and wonder why you’ve never tried it before! Nothing can really go wrong… except practising the trick and embarrassing yourself, or having absolutely no rhythm and slipping on the tiles during your routine, or having your podcast segment be the laughing stock of the ‘cool cat’ gang down the road.
Either way, just go for it! It’s character building either way!

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Cancer Dog (June 21 - July 22)

You’ve been in your slob funk for too long, Cancer dog.
Moping around the house, rolling in the dirt and matting those long locks of yours, and not drinking enough water to keep your snout shiny!
It’s time to whip yourself into gear and go full makeover mode.
This includes a scrub in the tub to get all of those secret sticks you’re hiding, out of your fur. Don’t forget to freshen up that nose too with some Nose Balm. And of course, finish off by taking your supplements to get that coat shining and sparkling again!
Even though you might hate the bath when you’re in it, we can guarantee you’ll feel fresh and ready to strut your style down the street afterwards!

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Leo Dog (July 23 - August 22)

Pfft Leo dog, what have you been doing lately?! It smells like you haven’t taken a bath in weeks… oh wait that’s because you haven’t!
No wonder none of the other neighbourhood dogs want to play fetch with you! That’s probably also why mum and dad haven’t let you in the bed for snuggles lately either.
It’s time to take some pride in your looks and take care of them. You aren’t a puppy anymore which means the adorable pout doesn’t cut it anymore. Take a bath, style your ears, and freshen up that breath, and I’m sure everyone will be falling for those puppy eyes all over again.

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Virgo Dog (August 23 - September 22)

You’re feeling ready to embrace the uncertainty, welcome new challenges, and open your paws to anything that comes your way Virgo dog.
You’re tapping into your intuitive side, learning about your emotions, and delving into what your spiritual energy really wants.
That energy may be indicating that you want a treat, or it may be indicating something deeper. Keep your ears pricked, your eyes peeled, and your nose pointed as something may just waft right past you… and no we aren’t referring to the smell from the bbq next door.
Whatever new adventure may be awaiting you, be ready to take charge and jump straight in!

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Libra Dog (September 23 - October 22)

Your month is over Libra... we're sorry to say but you're no longer the star of the show. Your birthday month has been and gone, you've eaten all five of your cakes, and you're well and truly all celebrated out. It's time to give back to others now that you're approaching a new month. Maybe you could return the favour and plan a pooch party for any upcoming birthdays you know of. We all know your Sagittarius bestie would be thrilled with a 'Pup Hilton' themed party so you better get organising now! We of course all know that events are your speciality and no one would even try to take the title off you for that! 

Product Recommendation: Goat Liver Treats (these would be perfect for the party favour bags)

Scorpio Dog (October 23 - November 21) 

It’s time to pop your party paws on, wiggle into your favourite coat, and hit the street for some fun, Scorpio dog.
There’s no time for hiding in the garden beds this week! You need to strut your style, branch out and impress the neighbourhood by showing off all of those new tricks mum has been trying to teach out.
Whether it be the ‘roly poly’, the ‘wiggle & wag’, or the ‘bicker & bark’, your skills are sure to be the talk of the town. Make sure to save your best moves for Mr Daydreamy Dawg down the road.
If you perfect your ‘triple roll & duck’ in front of him, he might even finally ask you for that stroll around the lake you’ve been begging for all month.

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Sagittarius Dog (November 22 - December 21)

It’s time to dust off the walking paws and get into rhythm Sagittarius.
Your days of sleep town are coming to an end and the warm weather of Summer is soon approaching. Do you know what that means… showing off that smooth and shiny coat of yours to everyone at the dog beach.
Make sure to lick that dinner bowl of yours because you know mum has been adding in your daily boost of Gut & Immunity to have you looking ‘snatched’. And you better start watching those crumbs you lick off the kitchen floor… they might start to catch up with you if you’re not careful.
This season is your time to score that beauty pageant entry you’ve been dreaming of so go after it Sagittarius dog!

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Capricorn Dog (December 22 - January 19) 

Your creative juices are flowing this week meaning lots of time in the kitchen whipping up hooch friendly cupcakes, creating masterpieces for the hallway wall, and tearing up outfits into stylish new pieces.
You’re all go go go in this stage Capricorn… no daydreaming midday naps for you. You’re striving for the prize… what that may be, we aren’t quite yet sure.
Maybe it’s an audition spot for the reality show ‘Doggie Dessert’, or an easel at the ‘St Beethoven’ art show? Whatever it may be, strive for those dreams, push those paws hard, and don’t stop until your tail is wagging with the tiara. You’re a winner Capricorn, so make sure to show the world that.

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Aquarius Dog (January 20 - February 18)

It’s time to take a chill pill (or some Stress & Anxiety Supplement) and calm those senses, Aquarius dog. We know you love to bark at the mailman, scare the kids that walk past the fence, and chase every other dog’s ball at the park, but this week it’s time to change those habits.
Practise the art of sharing the fun (and balls), remaining silent when someone knocks at the door, and trying a friendly smile rather than a toothy bark. You might even make some new pup friends in the process, how good would that be?! It’s time to stop getting put in the outside corner and be allowed back inside onto mum & dad’s bed.
One word for you Aquarius… behave. Yes, we saw those ears prick up at that word, you know exactly what to do to get yourself back into the good books… so don’t hesitate to start doing it!

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Pisces Dog (February 19 - March 20) 

Pisces dog, I don’t know if it’s the rain in the sky or the wind in your direction, but the stars seem to be aligning this week in your favour.
Get your pooch pack of cards out, throw them onto the grass, and see what order they land in to reveal your predictions for this week.
Why not spread the love and do some readings for the whole neighbourhood whilst you’re at it? It’s the best way to get all of the hooch gossip and find out who’s expecting a litter and who’s been licking around town… spicy!
You never know when you might just need some dirt to trade so don’t let the secrets slip until they need to… it’s the old saying of keep your cards close to your chest.

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