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Phytoplankton OMEGA & MULTI

For overall health & vitality

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Your pet's daily dose of greens + more!

Pet Drs Phytoplankton Omega & Multi is a unique product containing 75+ essential nutrients derived from a single-celled organism. Including full spectrum protein, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants, Phytoplankton is beneficial in supporting immune health, reducing itchy skin, and assisting gut health. Containing a unique lipid structure, Phytoplankton can help absorb nutrients three times quicker than fish or algae oils.

Maintains a healthy skin & coat

Supports overall health & wellbeing

Sustainable & ethical source of essential fatty acids

May assist itchy skin

May help reduce inflammation

Taste Guarantee

We are confident that your pet will love our products.
However, if for some reason they are strutting around and
throwing their nose in the air over the taste of one of our products, we've got your back.

Pet Drs 100% Taste Guarantee provides you the opportunity to return your products and receive a refund, if done so within 30 days of receiving your order.

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100% Marine Phytoplankton


Administer the daily dose of Phytoplankton Omega & Multi over your pet’s food once daily per their correct weight.
1 gram scoop included.

Please allow 8 weeks to see beneficial result from the product.


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    Phytoplankton OMEGA & MULTI
    Phytoplankton OMEGA & MULTI
    Phytoplankton OMEGA & MULTI
    Phytoplankton OMEGA & MULTI
    For Dogs & Cats
    Sustainable & Ethical
    75+ Nutrients
    Vet Nutritionist Approved

    About Phytoplankton

    • Protecting the ecosystem

    • Incredible source of omega 3

    • Abundant in vitamins & minerals

    • Benefit skin, coat & overall health

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    Our Phytoplankton is grown on land to ensure we are not competing with the oceans vital food source.

    Our Phytoplankton contains a unique lipid structure, which can help your pet's body absorb three times the amount of omega-3 compared to fish or algal oils.

    Phytoplankton contains over 75 essential nutrients including full-spectrum protein, antioxidants, trace minerals and vitamins.

    Phytoplankton Omega & Multi may help to enhance overall health, aid digestion, boost immunity and promote healthy skin.


    Ingredients With Purpose

    It's what we put in that counts.


    What is the best way to feed my pet Phytoplankton?

    Phytoplankton Omega & Multi can be easily sprinkled over your pets meals once a day. Even though Phytoplankton Omega & Multi is derived from plant-based ingredients, its source from marine algae gives it a delightful fishy flavour that your pet will adore.

    How does Phytoplankton differ from Mega Oil

    Mega Oil is formulated specifically to enhance skin and coat health in dogs. If your dog has been suffering from a lackluster and dry coat, Mega Oil is the perfect addition to their diet. Composed mainly of flaxseed oil, this remarkable supplement works wonders in promoting a healthy and lustrous coat.

    Phytoplankton Omega & Multi is the ultimate all-around supplement that contributes to your pet's overall health and vitality. Think of it as your pet's daily greens powder, packed with over 75 essential nutrients and vitamins. Phytoplankton may offer a myriad of benefits, from soothing itchy skin and aiding digestion to boosting immunity, energy levels, and alleviating joint pain and inflammation. Whether your pet follows a kibble diet, plain meat diet, or enjoys a complete and balanced diet, Phytoplankton is the perfect addition. It serves as a fantastic nutritional boost for both dogs and cats on any type of diet.

    Do I have to feed my pet Phytoplankton every day?

    For best results, we recommend feeding Phytoplankton Omega & Multi daily! Irregular use of the product may affect the results of the product.

    How long will it take before I see results?

    Since every pet is unique in terms of breed, shape, and size, it is challenging to determine the precise time to notice any results. Given that it is an internal product, its effects may require a bit more time to become apparent. We suggest allowing a minimum of 8 weeks before expecting any visible outcomes.

    My pet has some gastrointestinal upset after administering the product. Is this normal?

    Due to this product being new to some pets, it may cause some gastrointestinal discomfort for your pet. In such a case, we suggest feeding them only half of the recommended dose based on their weight and closely observing their response. This approach allows the product to gradually adapt to their stomach

    If gastrointestinal upset is ongoing, please consult your veterinarian.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Sandrine L.
    Phytoplankton OMEGA & MULTI

    I bought the Phytoplankton Omega & Multi with the Mega Oil. My spoodle who is close to being 12, is now in need of some TLS and this Phytoplankton is helping her general internal health. We are on a long journey and this is helping: she loves it mixed with her dinner and so I am very satisfied with it too.

    Thanks Sandrine! We are so glad your pup is loving the Phytoplankton!

    Anushka J.
    Love, love , LOVE!

    My dog literally loves this stuff. Every time it’s in his food he gets so excited. His coat is softer and energy levels is up!